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P.O. Box 9
San Antonio, TX 78291-0009

KLRN, The Learning Place
501 Broadway
San Antonio, TX

Tel: 210.270.9000 or 800-627-8193
Fax: 210.270.9078

We are always interested in viewer's comments or questions about KLRN's programming and/or web site. Call us at 210.270.9000, or e-mail us directly: info@klrn.org.

KLRN is the public television station for south central Texas providing educational and informative programming to viewers in 30 counties. Because of the tremendous coverage area and limited airtime between programs, we are unable to promote all of the quality local events on our air, therefore we do not accept public service announcements (PSAs).

Additionally, the breaks between programs are KLRN's opportunity to promote the station's programming, community outreach efforts and special events.

KLRN considers program ideas from a variety of sources and welcomes program proposal at any stage of development. The KLRN program proposal process is a mechanism to develop projects for consideration by the KLRN Project Review Committee. The Committee, acting in an advisory capacity to the KLRN Programming Department, includes staff from programming, production, development, marketing, and operations. The Committee evaluates the viability and appropriateness of proposals, and considers alternate and supplementary means of implementing such proposals. The Committee coordinates the consideration of all such proposals, and the ultimate decisions regarding their implementation lies with the Programming Department. For more information, please review the guidelines for our proposal process by clicking here.

KLRN Public Television complies with the Open Meetings Requirement of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  For a complete list of open meetings, click here.

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an important way for the management of KLRN to receive and discuss input from viewers regarding the station's programming and community service activities.

CAB meetings are facilitated discussions of community issues, KLRN programming and other subjects relating to the role of public television in San Antonio and South Texas. The meetings are scheduled in the early evenings, and take place quarterly (October, January, April, and July). Members serve on the board for two years.

The CAB consists of individuals who are selected to represent the community's diversity – including ethnicity, age, education, occupation and place of residence. KLRN senior managers attend every meeting.

The next Community Advisory Board term will begin October 1, 2014. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here to download the application, fill it out and either email or mail it to us at KLRN, PO Box 9, San Antonio, TX 78291.

If you have questions or experience problems with closed captioning on programs broadcast by KLRN, please contact us using these guidelines.


Combined Financial Statements and Supplemental Information
September 30, 2014 and 2013 (PDF)
September 30, 2013 and 2012 (PDF)

The IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, is the annual federal information return filed by charitable organizations that are exempt from income tax. The amounts in these statements are presented in accordance with IRS regulations.

September 2014 (PDF)
September 2013 (PDF)

KLRN engages in several activities that are unrelated to its charitable purpose, generally involving the sale of small amounts of excess capacity. KLRN pays income tax on any earnings derived from these activities with Form 990-T, the Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return.

September 2014 (PDF)
September 2013 (PDF)

Alamo Public Telecommunications Council Programming Policy and Responsibilities (PDF)

Local Content and Service Report (PDF)

The CPB Annual Financial Report (AFR) is available by contacting us.

FCC Reports
FCC Form 388 DTV Quartery Activity Station Report (04/08) (PDF)
FCC Form 388 DTV Quartery Activity Station Report (07/08) (PDF)
Ownership Report For Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station (PDF)

KLRN Diversity Statement and Policy (PDF)
KLRN Annual Report on Diversity (PDF)

PBS Reports
PBS Trust Survey (PDF)
Capitol Hill Report (PDF)
PBS KIDS Trust Brochure (PDF)


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