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Hoopes' House

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Length:   28 min.
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Program Description
These Sneezes - While the kids are playing in the forest, Olive lets out a giant AAAA-CHOO. This startles the kids and makes Elinor curious about why we sneeze in the first place? After visiting the library, they learn that sneezes are caused by small irritants such as dust and pollen that get into your nose. They also figure out that Olive's trunk is getting irritated by flower pollen Ari's Lucky Shirt - Elinor, Olive and Ari are excited for a big soccer game. In order to make sure he plays well, Ari wants to wear his old lucky shirt, even though it's so small that Ari can't even move his arms while wearing it. As the kids visit Ranger Rabbit, they observe a snake that has shed its skin, because the skin became too small and uncomfortable, just like Ari's shirt. Ari learns from this and decides he doesn't need a lucky shirt to be a good soccer goalie. He needs to be comfortable and able to move around freely, just like the snake!


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