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Length:   28 min.
Link:   https://pbskids.org/pinkalicious
Air Times:   Sorry, no times scheduled.
Program Description
"Treasure Hunt" Pinkalicious and Peter are thrilled to meet a real life Pirate, Captain Toothy McSquint! It's not long before Toothy has his new mateys walkin' and talkin' like pirates, as the three search for Toothy's long lost buried treasure. Curriculum: (Theater) Use your body and voice to create a character using evidence based observations, prior knowledge, and inquiry. "Cheer Up, Archie" Pinkalicious and Jasmine are worried that Archie the pinkfish is bored in his fishbowl so they take him outside to play. When that doesn't cheer him up, they go to Aqua the merminnie for help! Curriculum: (Visual Arts) Experiment with different materials, tools, and techniques to make art. Introducing the concept of creating an installation. Interstitial: Kids watch funny woman Marcy Goldberg-Sacks perform and create characters by using her voice,body, and a few helpful props. Then the kids create and perform their own fun characters.


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