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Hoopes' House

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Length:   28 min.
Link:   http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge
Air Times:   Sorry, no times scheduled.
Program Description
Professor Wiseman visits the country and teaches George about constellations, the groups of stars in the sky that form recognizable shapes. George is fascinated with Orion's Belt, the Big Dipper, and The Dog - and he draws his own book of constellations as a guide to the night sky. When George returns to the city, he can't wait to spot the stars there too - and he invites all of his city friends onto the roof for a star-gazing party! But the city lights block their view of the sky, and the stars are hard to see, so George and his friends find a way to make their own stars. / George is thrilled when Marco asks him to help build a volcano for Show-and-Share at school. With some paint, chicken wire and papier mache, their creation is nearly complete. All they need is the lava! Marco combines a frothy concoction of vinegar, soap and baking soda and -- sizzle, fizzle, and foam! -- the volcano erupts. Wow! When Marco leaves the project at George's apartment for the night, George can't stop thinking about the eruption and, not able to resist, triggers another. But now George is out of all of the ingredients needed for the eruption and somehow must recreate the lava flow for the big day! Can George save Marco's volcano??


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