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Hoopes' House

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Length:   26 min.
Link:   http://lidiasitaly.com
Air Times:   Sorry, no times scheduled.
Program Description
Lidia takes a moment to remind the viewer how important it is to treat yourself to something nice. For Lidia, that means cooking and she treats us all to a full meal starting with a colorful Radicchio, Endive. Apple & Pecorino Salad. Lidia then invites Julia home so she can treat her to some home cooked food, including a sweet treat - her Mixed Berry Bread Pudding. The main event is her Cheesy Stuffed Veal Chops with Cabbage. So whether it's slowing down and cooking for yourself, treating yourself to dessert at the end of the meal, or simply sitting down to enjoy a dish and connect with loved ones at the table, it's always nice to treat yourself.


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