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Program: TYPE MEH
Length:   26 min.
Link:   https://www.christinacooks.com/
Air Times:   Sorry, no times scheduled.
Program Description
As Americans, we have one big thing in common: we are stressed. From politics to disease; the economy to world affairs; family obligations to our work. We race around from dawn 'til dusk, never stopping to breathe. We're living as total type 'A' people all the time, even on vacation. In contrast, Italians often resemble what I like to call "type meh." What they can't get done today, they do the next - and the world doesn't end. Their attitude creates a culture of less stress and anxiety. Today we're cooking to bust stress alongside my good friend Carolina, an Italian-born doctor living in the US who knows a thing or two about managing a stressful life with good food and great company. Recipes: Millet Cauliflower Soup with Sauteed Broccoli; Rigatoni with Caramelized Fennel and Garlic; Lemon Spaghetti


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