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Your Support Keeps KLRN Strong and Creates Opportunities for Our Community

Your public television station, KLRN is here because of community contributions, raised right here, in South Central Texas. 

With your support of KLRN, we are able to bring quality television programs into your home, educational tools for teachers into your classrooms, and events for kids and adults into your community.

Eighty-five percent of KLRN's annual budget largely represents community support. Your support makes a difference and is appreciated.


DID YOU KNOW? Individual contributions make up more than 40 percent on KLRN's annual budget. Events, corporate support, education and production activities contribute 45 percent. Less than 15 percent of KLRN's funding comes from the federal government. The state of Texas leaves support for public broadcasting in the hands of the community it serves.

KLRN. Using the power of telecommunications to provide quality programs and services which advance education, culture and community, to enrich the lives of people throughout South Central Texas.


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